Discovery – Our Visioneering Encounter

Our first priority is to ensure your first step towards designing a custom themed interior space is as simple and non-threatening as possible.

We offer a free consultation session, our Visioneering Encounter, to discuss your ideas and walk you through the initial phase. This session is about both the dream and the logistics and includes vision finding, fact gathering, budget scope, timeline and artistic concept round tables.

After the Visioneering Encounter you will have an original concept rendering plan to follow – all at no charge and no obligation.

Design – Concepts and Drawings

Immediately following our Visioneering Encounter, we move into developing a Design Package. This is where much of our time is spent. While building a 100-storey skyscraper requires a completed and detailed set of blueprints, our Design Package is a blueprint, outlining the complete picture and costs for your themed space. This package comes complete with layouts, floor plans, line drawings, and full colour renderings that are explained and connected to the proposed budget and build quote.

There are costs to build the Design Package and this is dependent upon size, style of themes, and scope of work to be completed; however, you will be provided with an estimate before work is started.

Build – Manufacturing and Studio Construction of Elements

CoolStuff is a complete design and build company and each element of your project is built following our rule of “form follows function”. To do so involves methods, materials and processes to ensure durability, and maintain quality at reasonable costs. At CoolStuff we build our own designs better and more efficiently than anyone else could. Our fully-equipped studios and experienced artists come together to create almost anything you can dream up.

We maintain the belief that we build more than CoolStuff in our studio—we also build some pretty cool relationships.


Installation is spelled S-E-A-M-L-E-S-S according to our dictionary, and we have successfully created and installed our product on cruise ships, waterslides, structures and in buildings around the globe for over a decade. Our attention to detail allows us to follow agreed upon timelines. We promise complete confidence and satisfaction with our effective communication, flexibility and fast response time.

Our rule of form follows function is built into your project at the outset from design through to fabrication allowing for a quick and efficient site installation.

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