Water parks & theme parks


Water parks and amusement parks are the quintessential North American family fun time. Whether it is shooting down a waterslide or soaring into air on a rollercoaster, families around the globe are making memories that will last a lifetime.

We have partnered with waterslide manufacturer, ProSlide Technologies Inc., to create some pretty cool, custom themed rides that make a splash. From Popsea at Joyfull Land In Shaoxing China to Great Wolf Lodge, Fort Mackenzie In Garden Grove, California, we have collaborated with them to bring visions to life!

Also included are some projects we have worked on independently, such as the Rattler for Cultus Lake Waterpark. From big to small, we can do it all!

A few of our projects

The children’s play area at Popsea at Joyfulland in Shaoxing Mirror Lake, China features the ProSlide RideHOUSE 500 with seven different slides for major family fun.

We created the custom theme for this water adventure play area that features buckets of fun for all ages.



We hope you aren’t afraid of snakes!

Added in 2016, The Rattler is the newest ride at Cultus Lake Waterpark. Featuring a black hole body slide, riders slither down, around and in between the Blaster & Twister slides into the pool below.

This waterslide is not for the faint of heart as it picks up speed all the way down, finishing with a huge splash as you catapult out of the mammoth-size mouth narrowly missing the gigantic fangs.

 This project was designed and built solely by CoolStuff Studios.


Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove is California’s first (and only) indoor water park. Featuring 105,000 square feet of multi-level, splash-crazy fun, “Fort Mackenzie” features the best water fort treehouse ever! Be sure to listen for the bell because when it rings you know the huge water bucket if ready to tip over!

Following art direction and collaborating with The Weber Group, we worked with ProSlide to create the fun, indoor adventure theme for this water park. Most of the themed elements you see were made by CoolStuff Studios, excluding the beavers.