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Shaping a Modern Dental Clinic for Kids

Only a fortunate few children love visiting the dentist or at least don’t mind it. Many are disgruntled and even terrified by the prospect. What is it about the dentist’s office that frightens children? Some of their fear is learned: parents frequently hate going for a dental check-up too. High-pitched noises emanating from dangerous-looking tools set a person’s nerves and teeth on edge at any age before they come into view. When a child sees those tools his fears take shape. Meanwhile, the entire atmosphere is much like that of a hospital or doctor’s waiting room — clinical, cold, and colorless.

A Modern Pediatric Dental Clinic is Different

How can today’s pediatric dentists at the start of private practice, renovating a dental treatment facility, or specializing in pediatric dentistry encourage children to enjoy their visit? Is it possible a child might look forward to this necessary check-up, even getting a filling, when a design sets nerves at rest and even animates youthful interest? Yes, it is! And if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Color of Calm

Child's Play Dentistry

We can help you rid your dental office of its frighteningly clean, white interiors in favor of bright shades: lively greens, yellows, blues, oranges, and purples. We can help you select a theme which runs through the entire office to instill a sense of peace amid the youthful energy. Depending on your preferences, you might select all cool colors, pastels, a repeated cartoon motif, or marine hues and nautical images, for example.

Canning the Clinical

Child's Play Dentistry

A modern pediatric dental clinic shares more in common with a lively pre-school, boasting large rounded sinks with big mirrors and real towels instead of the usual paper-towel dispensers and full but enclosed sinks and counters. Everything is open, airy, and spacious. The claustrophobia of older offices no longer has a place in today’s dental clinic, although the setting is still clean.

Furnishing for Relaxation or Play

Child's Play Dentistry

Some spaces boast low-rise seating more like ottomans than chairs. Others create nooks and crannies in walls comfortable enough to curl up inside, at least if you’re a child. A lot of waiting rooms look more like play areas. TV screens are important, always airing cartoons, of course. A long bench provides the welcoming feel that single chairs — even lavender ones — simply cannot provide.

Sculpting Space

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Treatment and waiting areas no longer have to take the box-like shape of an average space. Bright hallways curve and slope like a hall of mirrors at a fairground. Add some midway scenes and a child might be at the fair. These curving corridors aren’t plain yellow, white, or green either, but feature dental graffiti all over. Treatment rooms are organized so equipment is hidden but operates at a very low volume when in use.

Check how we improved pediatric dental clinic interior for our clients. If this is what you’re looking for with your office plans, contact us today!