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Themed Pediatric Dental Office Design

Think back to the very first time you can remember going to the dentist office. Do you picture a cold and sterile office waiting room, devoid of character or charm? Hard chairs, neutral walls, maybe a lonely plant in front of a window, and a selection of magazines even adults would find boring?


Now think about how much that memory would be altered if your dentist’s office had a memorable and inviting atmosphere. Often called a themed space, a public are (like a doctor’s or dentist’s office) helps to break through communication and time barriers, impacting people of virtually any age by whisking them (albeit temporarily) into a new reality. How is this accomplished? Most designers immerse the senses of their clients in a fictional environment, which instantly places them somewhere else in the moment. Additionally, these spaces are often a perfect marriage of an artist’s creative eye with elements of texture, color, lighting, music or sounds. Sometimes even multi-dimensional art installations help to achieve the full theme.


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There are many emerging trends in establishing themes in pediatric dental offices. While at first this may seem silly, it truly benefits the business. Think of it from the child’s perspective: -a cold and intimidating office suddenly becomes a place of fun and adventure.  In turn, this eases the stress and anxiety that often accompanies a visit to the doctor.


A big trend in pediatric dentist office design is focused on the far reaches of outer space. This typically includes walls that are painted in a deep blue hue, with large, neon-colored, spherical planets suspended from the ceiling. Stars generally pepper the walls as well.  Bonus points for offices who design a special exam chair fashioned to look like a spaceship.




Another popular theme popping up in pediatric offices across the country is an “under the sea” environment. Much like the aforementioned theme, the walls of the office are typically bathed in baby blue to represent the ocean, complete with a mural of lazy turtles, slimy seaweed, and an array of tropical fish.  Many offices round out this whimsical theme with an actual fish tank, where children can watch their gilled friends take a swim.  Mermaids are sometimes integrated into the atmosphere, either as part of the mural or in sculpture form. It’s not surprising many little girls adore this addition, as it draws parallels between Disney’s blockbuster hit “The Little Mermaid.”


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