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Ideas For A Themed Family Vacation

When it comes to a themed family vacation, you have a good number of exciting options to choose from–there’s bound to be one your whole family will enjoy. Theme parks are more varied than ever, with many more to choose from than just a decade or two ago. Family themed resorts offer activities and amenities for all age groups; the same can be found on many different cruise ship vacations. Picking the best themed vacation for your family is often simply a matter of figuring out what activities each of your family members enjoy doing the most while on one of these trips.


Orlando Theme Parks

This famous Florida vacation destination has a wide variety of theme parks, each centred around movie or TV-based themes, fabled story places, or the kids’ favorite animated characters. Walt Disney World and its associated resorts are among the most popular in the world. Consider going during the holiday seasons: Easter, Christmas or New Years. With extra celebrations and parades planned, these are some of the most fun times.






Themed Family Resorts


Each Disney resort has a different theme, each centred around a place, an era, or a topic. Some favourites include the Caribbean Beach Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort, and the All-Star Sports Resort. Another popular family resort destination is the Atlantis One Water Park Resort in the Bahamas.





This one’s theme is centred around the lost city of Atlantis, and it features Splash Academy for younger kids as well as Entourage, a youth program for pre-teens and teens. A recent new location called Atlantis The Palm has opened up in Dubai, and it features a giant themed maze as well as more complementary supervised activities for kids of all ages.


Themed Family Friendly Cruises

Many different cruise lines feature themed vacation activities for kids, including swim and surf lessons, sports activities, movies, creative play, themed parties, and much more. Kids can enjoy cupcake decorating, dodgeball matches, and other activities that often get them to learn something new as well. Many cruise ships have a variety of themes. Consider booking a vacation onboard one of Royal Carribean’s ships featuring a DreamWorks® experience. From Shrek and Fiona to the gang from Madagascar, family members of all ages will be delighted.


Disney Cruise Lines offer the magical of Walt Disney while at sea. Family cruises are often favorites among pre-teens and teenagers because they have their own activities, dance clubs, movie nights, and plenty of other opportunities to meet and socialize with people their own age. These features of themed cruises also afford their parents the chance to have fun on their vacation as well.


Whatever your family enjoys, whether making memories at sea or strolling down Main Street USA, we hope these ideas will help you plan your next family vacation!