A themed space breaks through generation and communication barriers, affecting people of any age by temporarily whisking them into a new reality. Whether in a Sunday school or children’s church room, a pediatric dental office or a theme park, this is accomplished by immersing the visitors’ senses in a fictional environment – instantly placing them somewhere else entirely.

Themed spaces combine the artist’s visual imagery with elements of print, colour, texture, lighting, sound and 2D or 3D sculptures, to create an interior space that takes people on a fantastical, dreamlike journey.


When designed well, a custom themed space, whether it is a children’s playroom, a home movie theatre or a waterpark, will evoke a response and engage people to connect with what is being spoken through the theme. A themed space offers something special and inviting to a child, making them feel as though they are inside the pages of their favourite storybook.

By designing the space with the perspective of children in mind at all times, we are able to engage their sense of play and engage them in imaginative play, enhancing learning opportunities and reducing anxiety.


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It all begins with your vision.

We are committed to gaining a deep level of understanding into your goals and the dreams you have for your themed space.

During the consultative phase, we ask intentional, thought-provoking questions to effectively gather information that will help us turn your vision into reality.


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Our team of unique and talented artists work in a highly collaborative manner – this is the cornerstone of our organization. It is this level of teamwork that makes us the very best in our field and helps us deliver on our promise to provide you with an outstanding product.

Our promise is to provide you with a seamless process that will exceed your expectations


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The realization of your vision depends on innovation, creativity and originality. These are the core elements of our business. Pulling from a deep pool of artistic experience and pairing that with a support dedicated to ensuring your experience goes above and beyond your expectations is how we deliver your project on time and on budget – TOTAL COMPLETION.

The team at CoolStuff Studios was able to create a stage set design that represented our heart, our mission and even our logo!

Austin NeedhamChildren’s Ministry Asst. Director - Triad Baptist Church

We value children and wanted to create a space that says, “you’re welcome here!” Our attendance doubled in the first year after installing our themed space.

Monica ColumbusChildren’s Pastor - Christian Life Community Church

Our tree fort play area has been a great gathering place for parents to connect and chat. The kids have so much fun playing and are occupied which allows parents time to fellowship and get to know people they may not have normally met. It is often difficult for parents to visit without their kids tugging on their leg. The tree fort allows for fun time for both parents and children. Most parents at our church allow time for their kids to play after they pick them up from class.

Sarah DueckChristian Life Community Church

By installing a themed space in our pediatric dental office (wall murals, art and 3D sculptures) has helped us grow our patient base and more importantly, keep them coming back. Our investment has paid for itself numerous times over and is without a doubt the single best business decision we have made!

Dr. Lori SantosChild’s Play Dentistry

Here’s How Our Design Process Works


Visioneering Encounter


It is our priority to make your first step toward theming an environment as simple and non-threatening as possible. Many clients are not even aware where to begin and have developed a preconceived notion that even an initial call to a theming company will cost them money. We step in and take your stress away by offering you a free consultation known as our Visioneering Encounter. This session is intended to walk you through the initial steps, and discuss your vision no matter what stage you are in. This discovery process includes vision finding, dreaming, fact finding, budgeting, artist concept round tables, and timeline development. In the end you will have an original concept rendering and plan for you to follow.

All of this is at no charge with no expectations and no pain.


Concepts and Drawings

Immediately following our Visioneering Encounter, we move into developing a Design Package. This is where much of our time is spent. While building a 100-storey skyscraper requires a completed and detailed set of blueprints, our Design Package is a blueprint, outlining the complete picture and costs for your themed space. This package comes complete with layouts, floor plans, line drawings, and full colour renderings that are explained and connected to the proposed budget and build quote.

There are costs to build the Design Package and this is dependent upon size, style of themes, and scope of work to be completed; however, you will be provided with an estimate before work is started.



Manufacturing and Studio Construction of Elements

CoolStuff is a complete design and build company and each element of your project is built following our rule of “form follows function”. To do so involves methods, materials and processes to ensure durability, and maintain quality at reasonable costs. At CoolStuff we build our own designs better and more efficiently than anyone else could. Our fully-equipped studios and experienced artists come together to create almost anything you can dream up.

We maintain the belief that we build more than CoolStuff in our studio—we also build some pretty cool relationships.



Installation is spelled S-E-A-M-L-E-S-S according to our dictionary, and we have successfully created and installed our product on cruise ships, waterslides, structures and in buildings around the globe for over a decade. Our attention to detail allows us to follow agreed upon timelines. We promise complete confidence and satisfaction with our effective communication, flexibility and fast response time.

Our rule of form follows function is built into your project at the outset from design through to fabrication allowing for a quick and efficient site installation.

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Coolstuff in Action

The Coolstuff Team

We are a team of master craftsmen, artists and designers who are passionate about creating really cool elements and amazing themed environments that optimize your customers’ experience and grow your business.

Lee Schulte

Lee Schulte

Founding Partner and Production Designer

The creative talents of Lee were discovered early on, when at the age of 8 while attending a private art school, a local medical doctor became aware of Lee and commissioned a chalk pastel to be hung among his “Group of Seven” collection.

Todd Schulte

Todd Schulte

Founding Partner and General Manager

Todd has a very clear vision for Cool Stuff, and that is to be recognized worldwide as a high quality, top performing company that is easy to do business with.

Jay Schulte

Jay Schulte

Operations Manager / Business Development

Jay has nearly twenty years’ experience in playground design and theming, constructing and installing pipe and plastic play structures around the globe.

Brad Harris

Brad Harris

Business Development

Brad brings to the team a strong background and talent in art and design along with experience in relationship building, marketing, product development and manufacturing.