How To Increase Church Attendance!

children's church classroom designs

When the classroom is a colorful, vibrant, child-oriented space, kids will continually be asking their parents when the next Sunday School class time is. When children have fun and enjoy themselves, they bring their friends along and tell their family. When children are happy…parents are happy, opening up an opportunity for God to work in their hearts.

Whisked away to another time and place, children’s senses are immersed in the themed environment, helping to open learning channels and break through any communication barriers.

Themed spaces take children of all ages on an exciting journey that makes learning fun and memorable. Sunday School becomes a highlight for every child!

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Increasing attendance, capturing children’s attention and keeping them interested in Sunday School, will lead to a deeper understanding of God’s Word and help your ministry carry of the Great Commission.

Families love bringing their kids to church when they know the children look forward to their time in Sunday School. Themed spaces make learning fun and memorable when they are immersed in a powerful engaging environment.

A themed space benefits any area. Imagine a church offering children a room, or multiple rooms, themed after Noah’s ark, an amusement park, or a forest full of cartoon animals. Spaces like these create a welcoming environment for children, and makes it fun for them to go to church. Fuelled by your ministry’s vision and translated into a child-friendly place by us, our team of artists and designers work with you to envision what your church’s themed space will look like.

children's church classroom designs

What Our Clients Are Saying

‘They were able to implement the stage set design to represent our heart, our mission & even our logo!’

– Austin Needham, Children’s Ministry Asst. Director, Triad Baptist Church

‘We value kid’s & we wanted to create a place that says, ‘you are welcome here!’ In the first year we doubled our attendance!’

– Monica Columbus, Children’s Pastor, Christian Life Community Church

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The Coolstuff Team

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CoolStuff Studios is a custom theming and design company based in Abbotsford, about one hour outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Lead by three brothers Todd, Lee and Jay Schulte, we are an innovative leader in extreme themed environments.

Our passion is to take an ordinary space and transform it into an engaging and exciting environment that evokes emotion in both children and adults alike. Surrounding ourselves with a like-minded, highly skilled team of artists and designers has resulted in projects that have taken us around the world.

Have Your Own Ideas For Your Sunday School Room Design?

We LOVE new ideas and if you have an idea for your new themed spaced, we would be excited to hear it. We offer a unique, free servicewe call our Visioneering Encounter.

If you’re interested in our no cost, no risk and no obligation Visioneering Encounter session, contact us right away! We will help you dream, cultivate and capture your vision so that children and families will want to keep coming back. Also, with the Visioneering Encounter, we will give you a full concept rendering of your space – all at no charge.

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Hey, it’s all part of helping you design, build and install an Extreme Theme of your very own!

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The 1 Year Silverback Limited Warranty

We will cover you for all manufacturers’ defects for one (1) year on all of our products (with the exception of digital wall paper and digital appliqués, of course!)