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Things to Consider Before You Design the Interior of Your Restaurant

The design of a restaurant is as important as the chef, cuisine specializations, website, and food. There are many interior design ideas for restaurants, and you may choose whatever best suits your taste and budget. However, there are certain things that must be kept in mind when picking or implementing a design. At the end of the day, the restaurant design should not only stand out from the crowd but also influence the dining experience.


The Beginning Phase


Consider your guests’ comfort before you start renovating or painting the space. It’s important you make good use of the available space without stuffing things close together. Also consider the ambiance you’d like to create. When looking through template restaurant design options or customizations, keep the customer in mind. For this, you should factor in the waiting and entry area, primary dining space, patio and private dining area, and bar and server stations.




Specialty dining is currently in vogue. But that doesn’t mean fast food and burger joints are running out of business. The interior design should gel well with the food being served. Ultimately, you’d not want your Chinese themed restaurant to serve Italian food. While working on the restaurant theme, match your branding with the restaurant’s feel and look. This would help tie the customers together. As aforementioned, the restaurant’s interior design, packaging, menu, website, exterior and branding should add to the whole dining experience.


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Colours reflect the restaurant theme, and take forward the brand’s online presence. They have a major role to play with satisfying customer quotient. Fast food restaurants can be often seen sporting basic colours such as red, yellow and green. As per research, these colours are supposed to stimulate appetite. On the contrary, blue doesn’t create hunger pangs. But blue can still be seen adorning fine dining restaurants, as the colour has a calming impact on diners and makes them feel satisfied and comfortable. With blue around, time also passes through quickly.




Based on the theme chosen, lighting could either break or enhance the design. Generally, natural light is considered ideal, with large windows adding to the restaurant’s airy feel. In addition to the visual treat, sunlight also naturally influences health – both psychologically and physically. Sunlight is best made use of by open-air eating areas.


Artificial light also has its place and it adds a lot to restaurant ambiance. Use yellow or golden electric lighting, fireplaces or candles for creating warmth. In cozier spaces, such lighting could create a sense of intimacy. Use chandeliers or modern lighting in big spaces, provided the primary restaurant concept gives away.


We hope that this post has helped to provide you with some useful starting points for considering your restaurant’s interior design.  For help with implementing your plan, contact us today:


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Ideas For A Themed Family Vacation

When it comes to a themed family vacation, you have a good number of exciting options to choose from–there’s bound to be one your whole family will enjoy. Theme parks are more varied than ever, with many more to choose from than just a decade or two ago. Family themed resorts offer activities and amenities for all age groups; the same can be found on many different cruise ship vacations. Picking the best themed vacation for your family is often simply a matter of figuring out what activities each of your family members enjoy doing the most while on one of these trips.


Orlando Theme Parks

This famous Florida vacation destination has a wide variety of theme parks, each centred around movie or TV-based themes, fabled story places, or the kids’ favorite animated characters. Walt Disney World and its associated resorts are among the most popular in the world. Consider going during the holiday seasons: Easter, Christmas or New Years. With extra celebrations and parades planned, these are some of the most fun times.






Themed Family Resorts


Each Disney resort has a different theme, each centred around a place, an era, or a topic. Some favourites include the Caribbean Beach Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort, and the All-Star Sports Resort. Another popular family resort destination is the Atlantis One Water Park Resort in the Bahamas.





This one’s theme is centred around the lost city of Atlantis, and it features Splash Academy for younger kids as well as Entourage, a youth program for pre-teens and teens. A recent new location called Atlantis The Palm has opened up in Dubai, and it features a giant themed maze as well as more complementary supervised activities for kids of all ages.


Themed Family Friendly Cruises

Many different cruise lines feature themed vacation activities for kids, including swim and surf lessons, sports activities, movies, creative play, themed parties, and much more. Kids can enjoy cupcake decorating, dodgeball matches, and other activities that often get them to learn something new as well. Many cruise ships have a variety of themes. Consider booking a vacation onboard one of Royal Carribean’s ships featuring a DreamWorks® experience. From Shrek and Fiona to the gang from Madagascar, family members of all ages will be delighted.


Disney Cruise Lines offer the magical of Walt Disney while at sea. Family cruises are often favorites among pre-teens and teenagers because they have their own activities, dance clubs, movie nights, and plenty of other opportunities to meet and socialize with people their own age. These features of themed cruises also afford their parents the chance to have fun on their vacation as well.


Whatever your family enjoys, whether making memories at sea or strolling down Main Street USA, we hope these ideas will help you plan your next family vacation!

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How a Third Space Contributes to a Healthy Lifestyle

Life can be tiring, stressful, and filled with pressure, regardless of a person’s age or personal situation.  This is why it is now more important than ever before to have a third place in your life where you can escape. Consider how Starbucks created a third space, giving people an place to connect and relieve the pressures of everyday life.


A Time for Playfulness


The right atmosphere and mood are key factors to creating space that is relaxed and playfulTo feel relaxed and playful. Whether surrounded by bright colours to boost energy or you are immersed in a sea of pastels and whimsical characters, it’s difficult to resist feeling happy and joyful in a third (or themed) space.


soft play area for kids


Coolstuff Studios designs interiors that are the ideal setting for third places in a pediatric dentist office, a church Sunday School space or other location.  When children, adults, or entire families enter the space, they will immediately be caught up in a beautiful world of fantasy; every visit will be a wonderful experience.


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Playfulness can make a positive difference for people of all ages; aiding in the relief of loneliness, boredom and stress.  When people have the chance to visit a fantasy world, they will look forward to visiting it on a regular basis.


A Home Away from Home


Every person needs to feel like they belong and third spaces can feel like a home away from home. Consider the self-employed person who uses their local coffee shop as an office every day. Or the group of children who can’t wait to connect at Sunday School each week. In a welcoming atmosphere, you can spend time with old friends and make new ones, have lighthearted conversations and enjoy other activities. Every person can be him or herself in an attractive, wholesome environment.




Being authentic can increase one’s confidence, joy, and peace of mind.  You do not need to travel far to find this special place. Any business that you or your family would normally visit can be turned into an adventure.  With themed space interior design, you will be walking into a place of joy every time you visit.




Everybody wants to have fun.  Everyone needs a break in their day-to-day routine.  A themed space is an option that offers opportunities for both. They are a great place to get away from the worries of everyday life, and enjoy time with your friends, family members, and colleagues. The dentist’s office, church, coffee shop, and virtually any business in your community can come alive when it incorporates a themed design.




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What to Consider When Building a Creative Children’s Space

Creating an amazing child-friendly space for play is a beautiful marriage of artistic inspiration and architectural know-how. Before you get ready to have a space built, though, it’s a good idea to stop and think. The considerations below will help you to create an ideal space.


Who’s Playing?

An inspiring space should be fun for all ages, but you still want to make sure you cater to your target group. There’s nothing wrong with skewing a little young or a little old in hopes of making a friendly space, but stop and think about who’s coming along to play. If you’re running a dental practice that caters to infants, for example, you’ll want to make sure that your design caters to those who aren’t too steady on their feet. Those with a church youth group, on the other hand, want something that’s going to work for a wide range of ages.


Safety First

How safe is your play space? Stop and think for a moment about sharp edges and drops as if you were a child playing instead of an adult with an artistic vision. There’s always a chance of injury in any play space, but it’s still your job to minimize that chance as much as possible. Designing with safety in mind should be a design challenge, not a design destroyer. Sometimes, working with a safer design will actually allow the designer a chance to create something that will be truly amazing for the children for whom it is designed.


Long-Term Plans

One major issue that people forget when designing a space is that they’re rather permanent. Unless you’re planning on tearing everything down after a year or two, you’ll be dealing with a long-term space – and that means that you’re looking towards designs that are timeless rather than those that embrace fads. It’s amazing to design a space that captures the feel of the latest hit movie, but you’ve got to stop and think about whether it will be relevant five or ten years down the line. Sticking with simple, timeless themes will help your space to stand the test of time.

Your space should be able to stand up to years of play, so be sure you make sure its exactly what you want. Keep safety in mind, but also make sure it’s fun. With a bit of work and some design inspiration, your new space can become an important part of your home or business.


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Themed Pediatric Dental Office Design

Think back to the very first time you can remember going to the dentist office. Do you picture a cold and sterile office waiting room, devoid of character or charm? Hard chairs, neutral walls, maybe a lonely plant in front of a window, and a selection of magazines even adults would find boring?


Now think about how much that memory would be altered if your dentist’s office had a memorable and inviting atmosphere. Often called a themed space, a public are (like a doctor’s or dentist’s office) helps to break through communication and time barriers, impacting people of virtually any age by whisking them (albeit temporarily) into a new reality. How is this accomplished? Most designers immerse the senses of their clients in a fictional environment, which instantly places them somewhere else in the moment. Additionally, these spaces are often a perfect marriage of an artist’s creative eye with elements of texture, color, lighting, music or sounds. Sometimes even multi-dimensional art installations help to achieve the full theme.


themed dental office


There are many emerging trends in establishing themes in pediatric dental offices. While at first this may seem silly, it truly benefits the business. Think of it from the child’s perspective: -a cold and intimidating office suddenly becomes a place of fun and adventure.  In turn, this eases the stress and anxiety that often accompanies a visit to the doctor.


A big trend in pediatric dentist office design is focused on the far reaches of outer space. This typically includes walls that are painted in a deep blue hue, with large, neon-colored, spherical planets suspended from the ceiling. Stars generally pepper the walls as well.  Bonus points for offices who design a special exam chair fashioned to look like a spaceship.




Another popular theme popping up in pediatric offices across the country is an “under the sea” environment. Much like the aforementioned theme, the walls of the office are typically bathed in baby blue to represent the ocean, complete with a mural of lazy turtles, slimy seaweed, and an array of tropical fish.  Many offices round out this whimsical theme with an actual fish tank, where children can watch their gilled friends take a swim.  Mermaids are sometimes integrated into the atmosphere, either as part of the mural or in sculpture form. It’s not surprising many little girls adore this addition, as it draws parallels between Disney’s blockbuster hit “The Little Mermaid.”


Kids Dentist


If this sounds like what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

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How Themed Spaces in Sunday School Help Children Focus

Beautifully designed themed spaces, whether in a Sunday School classroom or on stage for vacation bible school, not only engage children and make them excited to be there, but also help them focus. A themed space creates a cohesive environment by incorporating a variety of elements that allow children to focus on what is really important: learning. Here are a few ways they help children focus:


Cohesive Ideas


If children are learning about a specific bible story in Sunday School, such as Jonah and the Whale, they receive messages from the overall lesson and topic everywhere they direct their attention. The space allows them to keep their mind focused on the learning session no matter where they look because the theme runs through everything in the room.

New Life church located in Everett, WA understands just how important a child’s learning environment is. From the first moment a child enters the Kids Trek Sunday School or Children’s Church area, they are transported into an outdoor adventure where learning is around every corner.


New Life Church Sunday School



All Around Fun


Themed spaces are more fun for children than a regular, everyday room. When they enter an exciting environment, they pick up on the lesson more enthusiastically and are more excited about learning. From registration, to snack time through to story time and interactive learning time, the space exudes fun. In fact, we have it on sound authority that it is hard to get them to leave when class is over.


new life church sunday school check in



Breaks Keep Focus


Children need frequent breaks from lesson time or they will become increasingly restless and unable to focus. In a themed space, even a break time becomes an opportunity for learning. As children move to a different part of the room and do a different activity, they are still within the same theme, which keeps their focus on the basic idea.


themed sunday school room





If you read a book to a child, they will forget the story an hour later. If you read the book to the child four times in a row, they won’t forget it for weeks. The same can be said about lessons in themed rooms. When you teach a concept, story, or idea to a child in a themed space, he is much more likely to remember it later because the idea is reinforced everywhere around the room. The more you want children to remember, the more you need to reinforce the lesson in as many ways as possible. There’s a lesson in every bible story; they are full of adventure and excitement as well as fear and treachery – all the things kids experience at Kids Trek at New Life Church.


kids trek sunday school at new life church


Planning a themed space can take some effort, but in the end, it is worth it to keep the children’s focus on the main event…the lesson.  After having a themed room for awhile, you will notice an increase in class attendance. Children will focus on the lessons and enjoy them so much that word will spread and more families will start to attend the church just because their children want to see the room!





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Themed Spaces as a Third Space

Children are naturally nervous going to the dentist, whether for the first time or the tenth. Imagine how at ease they would feel if they could rocket into outer space or hide out in a jungle tree house while waiting for their appointment. Not only would this allow them to calm down, but they may even begin to look forward to their next visit!

A crucial component of business is to create return customers. Creating an environment that promotes the concept of neutral ground and is rich in regulars ensures repeat business.

CoolStuff Studios specializes in doing just that – designing custom areas to engage and calm visitors and customers. By creating a unique place to function as a third space, people will want to return time and again.

Creating Return Customers With A Themed Space

As with any business, customers are not required to frequent a certain place. This is why it is important to create something that draws attention. Whether your needs are for a doctor’s office, a church, or a barbershop, you want to be sure customers are attracted to your business. Neutral painted walls and basic chairs will not usually impress people. However, a village theme with bright colors and fun designs is sure to wow customers!

Word of mouth has long been an excellent form of advertising for any business. A great way to promote this is by creating regulars to your business. Regulars can attract new business and help those customers to feel comfortable. People are more inclined to do business at a place they are referred to by a close friend or family member, rather than going off of an ad they’ve seen.

A third space focuses on being an outlet other than home and work, the first and second space respectively. This should be a place that is welcoming, exciting, and creates a sense of community. Utilizing a design team like ours at CoolStuff Studios to create a themed space ensures your business will hit all of those key points effortlessly.

Whether you know exactly how you want your space to look or have no idea where to start, CoolStuff Studios is the company to work with. Our team of designers and artists will partner with you to create your dream space to draw in new customers and charm existing customers. We are dedicated to partnering with business owners to make the process easy and seamless while keeping your ideas at the forefront to ensure your needs and wants are met.

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