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Things to Consider Before You Design the Interior of Your Restaurant

The design of a restaurant is as important as the chef, cuisine specializations, website, and food. There are many interior design ideas for restaurants, and you may choose whatever best suits your taste and budget. However, there are certain things that must be kept in mind when picking or implementing a design. At the end of the day, the restaurant design should not only stand out from the crowd but also influence the dining experience.


The Beginning Phase


Consider your guests’ comfort before you start renovating or painting the space. It’s important you make good use of the available space without stuffing things close together. Also consider the ambiance you’d like to create. When looking through template restaurant design options or customizations, keep the customer in mind. For this, you should factor in the waiting and entry area, primary dining space, patio and private dining area, and bar and server stations.




Specialty dining is currently in vogue. But that doesn’t mean fast food and burger joints are running out of business. The interior design should gel well with the food being served. Ultimately, you’d not want your Chinese themed restaurant to serve Italian food. While working on the restaurant theme, match your branding with the restaurant’s feel and look. This would help tie the customers together. As aforementioned, the restaurant’s interior design, packaging, menu, website, exterior and branding should add to the whole dining experience.


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Colours reflect the restaurant theme, and take forward the brand’s online presence. They have a major role to play with satisfying customer quotient. Fast food restaurants can be often seen sporting basic colours such as red, yellow and green. As per research, these colours are supposed to stimulate appetite. On the contrary, blue doesn’t create hunger pangs. But blue can still be seen adorning fine dining restaurants, as the colour has a calming impact on diners and makes them feel satisfied and comfortable. With blue around, time also passes through quickly.




Based on the theme chosen, lighting could either break or enhance the design. Generally, natural light is considered ideal, with large windows adding to the restaurant’s airy feel. In addition to the visual treat, sunlight also naturally influences health – both psychologically and physically. Sunlight is best made use of by open-air eating areas.


Artificial light also has its place and it adds a lot to restaurant ambiance. Use yellow or golden electric lighting, fireplaces or candles for creating warmth. In cozier spaces, such lighting could create a sense of intimacy. Use chandeliers or modern lighting in big spaces, provided the primary restaurant concept gives away.


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