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Themed Spaces as a Third Space

Children are naturally nervous going to the dentist, whether for the first time or the tenth. Imagine how at ease they would feel if they could rocket into outer space or hide out in a jungle tree house while waiting for their appointment. Not only would this allow them to calm down, but they may even begin to look forward to their next visit!

A crucial component of business is to create return customers. Creating an environment that promotes the concept of neutral ground and is rich in regulars ensures repeat business.

CoolStuff Studios specializes in doing just that – designing custom areas to engage and calm visitors and customers. By creating a unique place to function as a third space, people will want to return time and again.

Creating Return Customers With A Themed Space

As with any business, customers are not required to frequent a certain place. This is why it is important to create something that draws attention. Whether your needs are for a doctor’s office, a church, or a barbershop, you want to be sure customers are attracted to your business. Neutral painted walls and basic chairs will not usually impress people. However, a village theme with bright colors and fun designs is sure to wow customers!

Word of mouth has long been an excellent form of advertising for any business. A great way to promote this is by creating regulars to your business. Regulars can attract new business and help those customers to feel comfortable. People are more inclined to do business at a place they are referred to by a close friend or family member, rather than going off of an ad they’ve seen.

A third space focuses on being an outlet other than home and work, the first and second space respectively. This should be a place that is welcoming, exciting, and creates a sense of community. Utilizing a design team like ours at CoolStuff Studios to create a themed space ensures your business will hit all of those key points effortlessly.

Whether you know exactly how you want your space to look or have no idea where to start, CoolStuff Studios is the company to work with. Our team of designers and artists will partner with you to create your dream space to draw in new customers and charm existing customers. We are dedicated to partnering with business owners to make the process easy and seamless while keeping your ideas at the forefront to ensure your needs and wants are met.

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