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When you want to convey the theme of your business accurately, it is important to ensure your sign represents your company well.  How does a business express a focus on children’s events, services, or programs? What sort of design will make kids feel welcome? It is important to create a sign that will catch their attention, tell parents what they need to know, and also remain true to the organization’s vision. Here are some ideas to help your sign stand out.

Be Different, But Consistent

If you have a logo or a motif that identifies your brand, your store, your church or your pediatric health clinic, use this in all advertising. While it should be unique when compared to the logos of other companies, each piece of advertising should clearly belong to the same company and denote a recognizable theme.


Create Contrast and Clarity

Remember: people don’t spend much time looking at something that doesn’t interest them; they don’t have time to stop and read what you wrote if it isn’t readable. You will want to avoid cursive-style lettering –always choose a bold font that is large enough to see without coming up close.  Also, ensure the color of the letters and numbers stands out against the background.  You can choose a matte white and black sign, but other choices contrast well too.  Bold colors tend to announce a childlike theme – bright shades of primary colors especially.

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No Clutter

Busy advertising loses the reader. A person is likely to overlook your sign or they can’t find a focal point within the first in the 5 seconds of seeing your announcement. Choose only the pertinent information to include; consider perhaps one image will be fine if it’s a recognizable brand symbol. Uncomplicated shapes are the most visually memorable; silhouettes or bubble figures in those bold colors listed above.

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 Compete Strongly

How does a sign compete for attention with the other ten lined up around it? Follow the advice of sign-design experts and go for a 3-D punch. When you are advertising a product or service, especially for children, 3-D images create an energetic image that simply pops when compared to 2-D signs.  If you are producing a program or product for children, it is important to get their attention so that even as busy parents walk by while trying to answer emails and keep track of their children, they will notice the direction you are giving.  When young people are interested in something, they let their parents know.

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