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How Themed Spaces in Sunday School Help Children Focus

Beautifully designed themed spaces, whether in a Sunday School classroom or on stage for vacation bible school, not only engage children and make them excited to be there, but also help them focus. A themed space creates a cohesive environment by incorporating a variety of elements that allow children to focus on what is really important: learning. Here are a few ways they help children focus:


Cohesive Ideas


If children are learning about a specific bible story in Sunday School, such as Jonah and the Whale, they receive messages from the overall lesson and topic everywhere they direct their attention. The space allows them to keep their mind focused on the learning session no matter where they look because the theme runs through everything in the room.

New Life church located in Everett, WA understands just how important a child’s learning environment is. From the first moment a child enters the Kids Trek Sunday School or Children’s Church area, they are transported into an outdoor adventure where learning is around every corner.


New Life Church Sunday School



All Around Fun


Themed spaces are more fun for children than a regular, everyday room. When they enter an exciting environment, they pick up on the lesson more enthusiastically and are more excited about learning. From registration, to snack time through to story time and interactive learning time, the space exudes fun. In fact, we have it on sound authority that it is hard to get them to leave when class is over.


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Breaks Keep Focus


Children need frequent breaks from lesson time or they will become increasingly restless and unable to focus. In a themed space, even a break time becomes an opportunity for learning. As children move to a different part of the room and do a different activity, they are still within the same theme, which keeps their focus on the basic idea.


themed sunday school room





If you read a book to a child, they will forget the story an hour later. If you read the book to the child four times in a row, they won’t forget it for weeks. The same can be said about lessons in themed rooms. When you teach a concept, story, or idea to a child in a themed space, he is much more likely to remember it later because the idea is reinforced everywhere around the room. The more you want children to remember, the more you need to reinforce the lesson in as many ways as possible. There’s a lesson in every bible story; they are full of adventure and excitement as well as fear and treachery – all the things kids experience at Kids Trek at New Life Church.


kids trek sunday school at new life church


Planning a themed space can take some effort, but in the end, it is worth it to keep the children’s focus on the main event…the lesson.  After having a themed room for awhile, you will notice an increase in class attendance. Children will focus on the lessons and enjoy them so much that word will spread and more families will start to attend the church just because their children want to see the room!





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