The Evolution of our Themed Space Design Process

Stage Rev 2

Having a creative, custom-designed, themed space can significantly impact your place for the better. As such, taking the time to get the space right is worth it. This is where we come in. Here at CoolStuff Studios, we believe that “form follows function”.  As such, we have a strategic four-step process (moving from discovery all the way through to installation) to create for you the perfect themed space.

Here is what our process looks like:


We begin our four step process with what we call a Visioneering Encounter. Our Visioneering Encounter includes a free, no-obligation consultation with us. During this consultation, we learn what your ideas are and your vision for the space.. We gather your ideas, and around those ideas, we piece together the logistics, budget, timeline and artistic vision that will best support the same. At this stage, every detail matters, as we are in essence putting things together so as to build a workable blueprint for your themed space.


After the rigors of our consultation and planning, the next step is the design stage. This is where the rubber meets the road and we begin to use concepts and drawings to develop a Design Package. The Design Package is the blueprint that your themed space will be built from. The Package includes line drawings, floor plans, layouts, and full colour renderings that are connected to the budget and build quote as proposed in step one. Unlike the free consultation, there are costs associated with the Design phase. These costs will vary according to the style, size, and total scope of the work associated with the themed space.

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From design, we move to the building phase. This is where we bring together the resources of our talented artists and our well-equipped studios to begin creating the design space. With our resources, we are able to not only create designs but also build them using a combination of materials, processes, and methods. By doing our own building, we are able to keep costs reasonable while maintaining a high-quality standard.

building themed spaces at coolstuff studios


Installation is our final stage of the process. After we have successfully designed and built our product, we install it seamlessly into the place you are using. Thus far, we have installed our themed workspaces in buildings, on waterslides, on cruise ships, and all sorts of other structures across the globe.

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