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What to Consider When Building a Creative Children’s Space

Creating an amazing child-friendly space for play is a beautiful marriage of artistic inspiration and architectural know-how. Before you get ready to have a space built, though, it’s a good idea to stop and think. The considerations below will help you to create an ideal space.


Who’s Playing?

An inspiring space should be fun for all ages, but you still want to make sure you cater to your target group. There’s nothing wrong with skewing a little young or a little old in hopes of making a friendly space, but stop and think about who’s coming along to play. If you’re running a dental practice that caters to infants, for example, you’ll want to make sure that your design caters to those who aren’t too steady on their feet. Those with a church youth group, on the other hand, want something that’s going to work for a wide range of ages.


Safety First

How safe is your play space? Stop and think for a moment about sharp edges and drops as if you were a child playing instead of an adult with an artistic vision. There’s always a chance of injury in any play space, but it’s still your job to minimize that chance as much as possible. Designing with safety in mind should be a design challenge, not a design destroyer. Sometimes, working with a safer design will actually allow the designer a chance to create something that will be truly amazing for the children for whom it is designed.


Long-Term Plans

One major issue that people forget when designing a space is that they’re rather permanent. Unless you’re planning on tearing everything down after a year or two, you’ll be dealing with a long-term space – and that means that you’re looking towards designs that are timeless rather than those that embrace fads. It’s amazing to design a space that captures the feel of the latest hit movie, but you’ve got to stop and think about whether it will be relevant five or ten years down the line. Sticking with simple, timeless themes will help your space to stand the test of time.

Your space should be able to stand up to years of play, so be sure you make sure its exactly what you want. Keep safety in mind, but also make sure it’s fun. With a bit of work and some design inspiration, your new space can become an important part of your home or business.


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