5 Incredible Themed Reading Spaces from Around the World

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In today’s world of advanced technologies, our kids are growing up more technologically literate than any generation before them. While there are many amazing technological skills to be learned, one of childhood’s most impactful milestones is learning to read. Experts agree that nothing replaces the essential skill of reading in a child’s development, which is why encouraging our kids to read from an early age is so crucial! Creating a magical space for children to discover a good book is an amazing way to encourage reading, so we’ve rounded up some incredible themed reading spaces from around the world to inspire you.

1. Brentwood Library (Tennessee, USA)

This whimsical space at the Brentwood Library in Tennessee is as magical for adults as it is for kids! We especially love the added touch of popular children’s titles all over the space.

brentwood themed library space

Photo credits: brentwoodhomepage.com

2. East Hampton Library (New York, USA)

This space is bright and engaging, the perfect environment to settle down to a great story! From the ship-turned-library desk to the giant windmill seating, this airy room has a place for everything and everything in its place.

children's themed library
children's themed library

Photo credits: archinect.com and skolnick.com

3. Raj Tun Uda (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

We especially love this amazing reading knoll, complete with “grass” and a shady tree. The perfect spot to curl up, rain or shine!

children's themed library

Photo credits: makchic.com and  syamariz.blogspot.ca

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4. My Tree House Green Library (Singapore)

Every square inch of this amazing space is designed to excite and enchant young minds. We’d never want to leave!

themed library space
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Photo credits: asiagreenbuildings.com

5. Cerritos Millennium Library (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but the children’s area at this California library was clearly designed with a “go big or go home” mindset. These gigantic books at the entrance could get anyone excited about reading!

children's themed library

Photo credits:  cerritos.ca and schemaflows.com

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