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Themed Spaces as a Third Space

Children are naturally nervous going to the dentist, whether for the first time or the tenth. Imagine how at ease they would feel if they could rocket into outer space or hide out in a jungle tree house while waiting for their appointment. Not only would this allow them to calm down, but they may […]

How Starbucks Created a Third Space

In shared spaces or community buildings what is commonly referred to as the third space—or place—are the social surroundings separate from the two typical social environments most people experience: one’s home (or the “first place”) and the workplace (also called the “second place”). Third places are often considered anchors of community life. They serve as […]

Shaping a Modern Dental Clinic for Kids

Only a fortunate few children love visiting the dentist or at least don’t mind it. Many are disgruntled and even terrified by the prospect. What is it about the dentist’s office that frightens children? Some of their fear is learned: parents frequently hate going for a dental check-up too. High-pitched noises emanating from dangerous-looking tools set a person’s […]

The Importance of the Third Place

Third Place or Third Space is a phrase that was coined in the early 1990s by sociologist, Ray Oldenburg. It is essentially a space in which individuals meet to unwind and have discussions about things concerning themselves, their neighborhood and the wider community. It has been argued that third places are essential for civic engagement, civil society, democracy […]