The Passionate Pursuit Of Impacting Kid’s & Families By Creating World Class Environments And Amazingly CoolStuff

The CoolStuff Team

CoolStuff Studios is a full-service custom theming and design company based in Abbotsford, about one hour outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Led by three brothers Todd, Lee and Jay Schulte, the company aspires to be an innovative leader in extreme themed environments.


At CoolStuff Studios our work is very diverse and our clients include pediatric dentistry, children’s play areas, church ministries, theme parks, cruise ships and water parks. Any interior space that inspires something very special falls into our wheelhouse and expertise. Quite literally it can be anything you can dream up, and if you can’t dream it up—we can. We work with architects, designers and builders from anywhere around the world, and everything we create and build is truly one-of-a-kind and unique to the client. Our passion is to take an ordinary space and transform it into an engaging and exciting environment that evokes emotion in children and adults alike. Surrounding ourselves with a like-minded, highly skilled team of artists and designers has resulted in projects that have taken us around the world.


Our ultra tough “hides” whether on our Interior and or Exterior 3D and flat pieces is a direct result of the amazing “finish coat,” we apply. We also offer a tough as nails Water Based “Earth Friendly” Sculpting Epoxy and Finish Coat & not only does it last and last, but you’ll love the fact that it’s organic and biodegradable as well!

This tough-as-nails finish coat is one reason Coolstuff Studios offers …

silverback-logo-colorThe One Year “Silverback” Limited Warranty!

In fact, our organic finish coat is such an “Earth Friendly” product that it’s an approved product for aquariums, zoos and animal enclosures and is used in these environments all over North America.

And, you can imagine the need for extreme durability, for example, in an enclosure of a Silverback Gorilla!

Gorilla sanctuaries chose the same product CoolStuff Studios Inc. uses to add a finish coat to their man-made trees and vines, which previously were regularly being shredded and destroyed by their Silverbacks!

Since this organic and biodegradable finish coat was applied there has been no noticeable damage to the trees and or vines!

Hence the name of CoolStuff Studios Warranty! …

The 1 Year Silverback Limited Warranty

We will cover you for all manufacturers’ defects for one (1) year on all of our products (with the exception of digital wall paper and digital appliqués, of course!)